Thought that went into our new website

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If you have seen our new site, you would have noticed that the design is not typical of the websites that are out there today. In a nutshell we have tried to present to the user what they are looking for right at the top. Instead of flashy images and banner occupying the top space, we have put our key offerings there.

This design also helps when it comes to the presentation in mobile devices where the space is a premium and audiences might not have the patience to scroll down and read the entire page.

We also feel the best way to keep a website dynamic is to add elements that are updated regularly, like blogs and tweets and thats what we have done. For a business that runs on a remote development model, we thought it might help if some information is given about the people behind. So thats what you see in About Us.

Hope you like our new website.

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3 Responses to Thought that went into our new website

  1. Sonal Ganatra says:

    Just checked out the website, it looks good and very client-friendly. Keep up the good work and wish your team all the best!

  2. Abhilash I V says:

    Saw the new site. Simple and elegant. As you said, considering mobile users seems a very important factor while designing websites.
    All the best to you & team.

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