Tips for website development in Cochin

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What do a website developer chose between Cochin / Kochi or Ernakulam while targetting the website for users based in Cochin. One way would be to fill the website title with all the three but that would be wasting precious real estate which would be needed to highlight other services. If you are looking at it from an Internet Marketing perspective it would be easy to decide between the three purely going by data available. Obviously as an SEO expert, one would be keen to go with the word which most internet users use.

The google keyword tool available at this link is a good way to judge that. The screenshot below gives a comparison between the three words on the parameter of searches done on the three words. As you can see “ Cochin” is featured in more than double the searches compared to ‘Kochi’ which is number 2. So you now know why I chose the title of the blog as “ tips for website development in Cochin

website development cochin

analysing between Cochin / Kochi and Ernakulam

Using google places along with google maps is an important tool for website developers to promote their website in the local community. A detailed blog on the same is posted here . The placement has a verification process to ensure its a genuine business. The verification can be done by Phone / SMS and even post card. Being present in google places is also important considering mobile is going to play a key role is driving business to your site.

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