Simple tricks to speed up your website loading time

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Here I have tried to put together some easy to implement but effective tips to speed up your website loading speeds


  • Minimize Size of Images (Total Image size should be below 100kb)
  • Use .png format instead of .gif
  • Do not scale Images in html


  • Don’t load unwanted class
  • Combine CSS which is used in single page to one
  • Use Separate CSS if needed for different pages
  • Ideally Keep CSS Size less than 1160bytes
  • Do not use inline CSS
  • Include CSS at the TOP
  • Avoid unneccessary spaces, tabs and use a optimized format

.some-class {  color: #ffffff;  line-height: 20px;  font-size: 9px;}

can be converted to:


  • Make CSS External
  • USE CSS Sprite
  • Avoid CSS Expressions


  • Make Javascript External
  • Remove Duplicate Scripts
  • Put scripts at the bottom


  • Use proper HTML Structure
  • Close all divs properly
  • Remove white space, tabs etc
  • Replacing STRONG with B and EM with I
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